Sep 6, 2010

Sticks & Stones 3

A Kobold snarled and sunk his short sword deep into Ash's liver, causing spurts of blood to momentarily blind it.  Just as the lucky Kobold wiped the blood from its eyes, it noted the point of a spear coming directly into them.

"Need a heal!" came Ash's curt reply, as he shook bits of Kobold off his spear and biting into his own cheek to avoid screaming.

"Metoometoometoo!" Came Tribby's insistant reply as she once again booked it like crazy as the rock creature stalked her.

Jay El, looking like a frenetic conductor on roller skates, continued running, flailing and healing as the large stone continued to chase the heroes in circles as they took pot shots at it over their shoulders.

The final Kobold, seeing his moment, booked it for the door.

Ash debated, but, figured he'd kill two birds with one stone (or at least one Kobold with one jump) as he would be getting further away from the stone behemoth, and taking one more Kobold with him in the process.

However, as Ash landed, he stumbled, and dropped his spear, allowing the Kobold time to escape.  Ash's brief moment of lameness was quickly overcome by his ability to flip in mid-air, roll, pick up his spear, and backflip next to Jay El, of whom nonchalantly (but carefully) tossed his +1 returning dagger to ash, of whom used his rather adept throwing arm to further weaken the creature, which was roaring in frustration in its attempts to peg the real Tribby, who had created several illusionary duplicates in an effort to distract and slow the creature's assault.

Drained of all magics, both Tribby and Jay El launched their own assaults.  Tribby with her mighty club, and Jay El with pebbles thrown from a piece of sling.  One had decidedly more impact, but, it was the collective thoughts that counted, and, in the end, it was Ash who struck from behind the creature, causing its gold blood to pour from its chest cavity in huge gouts.

As the beast crumbled to the floor, a collective sigh was heard.  Jay El collapsed to the floor, Tribby took a knee, and Ash leaned heaviliy upon his spear.

Ash glanced down at his fallen opponent.  "Crap, not even a diamond or something for a heart?"

"I've got lots of short bows!" came Tribby's light hearted but clearly spent reply.


 Cool flips & jumps +100
 Figured out puzzle +200
 Secret Door +25
 Potion Fatassery +100

Jay El
 Vengence (poison food) +300
+5% Evil

Tribby -5% multiclass
 Freed Jay El with inginuity +200
 Morning Star Barricade +50

 First Encounter  300
 Second Encounter  750
 Third Encounter 2250
 Over all strategy 300

Ash  4025 LEVEL UP!
Jay El 3900
Tribby 3657 LEVEL UP!

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