Sep 5, 2010

Sticks & Stones 2

The rock creature roared its challenge.

Jay El sent his Wolf to bite at the creature's back, in an effort to draw its attention, and Ash finished up his Kobold.  The wolf barked and nipped at the heels of the creature, which promptly tore it in two.

Ash took measure of the vaulted ceilings, and noted his runway, lowered his proverbial flaps, and, doing a few unnecessary back handsprings for good measure, vaulted OVER the creature, cartwheeled past the angry Kobolds, and stabbed yet another guard in the face; taking but a moment to note the awesomeness of the entire transaction.  A spear glanced off his armor.  "Hm.  Back to business" he grunted, and squinted at the nearest guard.

Panting like crazy from her two-of-everything inventory, Tribby turned and looked behind her shoulder; which she only had just recently reformed thanks to Jay El's quick healing spell.  The rock creature appeared to be mowing down all in its path so that it could finish what it'd started.  "ohshitohshitohshit" she panted.

Jay El cast a few spells which would empower the party to be better prepared for the battle which would likely require them, and, noting the bifurcated wolf, quietly moved away from the creature.

Ash, noting that distracting the creature might prove to be useful on two fronts, situated himself so that there were five Kobolds between he and it, and then, threw one of his flasks of acid at the creature.  Though he missed, it is true what they say:  almost only counts in horseshoes and acid flasks... and other stuff with splash damage.

Sensing his cue, Jay El summoned a thunderclap in the center of the Kobolds, effectively stunning them, and synonymously further drawing the attention of the beast whose attention had clearly already been piqued by the burning of its bottom.

Rocky chose to attack in the general direction from whence all of this had came.  The resulting charge utterly annihilated the Kobold guards, and allowed Ash to spring off and slaughter another Kobold in the meantime.

Tribby launched a magic missile at the creature's back, once again drawing its attention.  It roared in frustration, and once again chose her as its primary target.

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