Dec 24, 2010

Her shredded sacks of meat previously brought all the boys to the yard.

A bulette, similar in appearance to the one the party had battled previous, with exception to being the size of rat from the perspective of an ant... er that is to say, it was very much bigger, BURST from the ground beneath the party, instantly killing all within the hole.

Ash looked back in terror as the gigantic behemoth erupted from the ground and smiled as the prism of power nestled snugly against his chest.  He could totally take it.

Jay El, just now regaining consciousness from his previous relationship with a hurled boulder, screamed in terror as everything around him was enveloped and torn asunder by the beast.  Everything... except...

Jay El paused.  How was he alive?  Oddly, he hadn't thought to call upon Abatu... almost as if Jay El's higher self, his soul, that which controlled him if you will, had somehow known that this emergency was false...

Ash yanked his spear from the splattered entrails of the Ogre and turned to face this new challenge.  A slough of arrows pierced his behind and he yelped with surprise.  No matter.  He could take all of them, too.

Still, it was a pity about the utter mutilation beyond repair that had befallen Med's rather perfect rack... He'd yet to jump and spear that, if he knew what he meant (which, he did), and that was really a shame...

The ogres all screamed and ran, hoping the beast would be content to simply eat what remained of the slaves and adventurers (which, from the looks of things, was something resembling jello with chunks of ham in it)

Tribby smilled.  "TAA DAAAH!"

Everyone looked at her with disguised looks of terror and relief.

"Oh." they all smiled

"we all totally knew that was an illusion." and, after a brief moment, added "uh... Well done, Tribby."

Tribby beamed.

Raelin, still invisible, noted a small amount of pee in his drawers, and shook his leg.  He would deobfuscate once he'd tended to matters of dignity.


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