Dec 12, 2010

Sadly, there probably is a Guinness record.

"And I'm here, watching the slave trade between the Goblins (that's us) and the Ogres, and its my job to make sure nothing goes wrong because sometimes Ogres are untrustworthy (not that we aren't) and if anyone finds out that I'm not watching the action and as a result something bad happens it'll be my ass on the line and that's why I can't talk to you right now so please don't stab me!"  The Goblin snapped at Ash without the aid of punctuation.

Ash grunted.  "Okay.  You aren't worth any XP anyway." Still, a gathering of goblins and Ogres did promise to be a battle more up his alley...  He turned to tell Tribby the contents of the conversation and saw her reach her personal best.

"23 inches!" She smiled.

Ash sighed.  "C'mon Trib.  We're gonna go save some slaves and hunt some Ogres."

Tribby beamed and wiped her latest challenge on her tunic so that it would dry into a nice trophy.

How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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