Dec 5, 2010

A water balloon filled with pasta sauce?

Ash stabbed the dazed manticore it in the brains, and leaped to another manticore to repeat the process.

The manticores, seeing that they were losing the aerial battle against the jumping man with the spear, dive bombed the party in an abrupt change of tactics.  (also, they were out of spines)

Raelin summoned a large, crackling lightning ball between his hands.
Med took out her wand of web.
Tribby assumed the stance of a baseball player.
Jay El assumed a pose not all that dissimilar to Sub Zero, and readied the cold energies of the pits.
Ash road the manticore down, stabbing and hooting as he did so.

From 180 feet, the manticores shot towards the group.  Raelin launched his ball of lightning, Med en-webbed one, robbing its ability to land safely.  Jay El froze one, and commanded another to fall with mind control.  

All at once, manticores died.

One, frozen, was decapitated by the Ogre equivalent of a fiery Louisville slugger,  (and believe me, it it t'were a sporting event, t'would indeed have been, a home run) at nearly precisely the same time, Two others, either en-webbed or hypnotized into pile-driving into the ground, splattered around Tribby like twin gore filled piƱatas, while the last, landed safely next to the intestines encrusted Ogre, made eye contact, and then, lost the orifice which was used to house its eyes in the first place, as Ash had decided to remodel the back, and front, of the creature's skull with his spear.

The group paused, and did a mutual appreciation for each other's work.

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