Dec 25, 2010

You want my bone? I want it! Tadaaa

The group looted the one Ogre, but found little.  Content that their ruse had worked, they decided to move their party Northwards, in an effort to find some better fortified locations in which to camp.

"You no sit on Shibou." Tribby pointed at Raelin.

Raelin balked, and looked up at Tribby.  "I...  and why not?"

Jay El laughed and gave Tribby a high five.

Tribby, suddenly self concious and libra-like, amended "I don't think she carry so much."

Raelin frowned.  "Yes.  Because the thousands of pounds she was previously carrying greatly underweigh my elven frame."

Tribby smiled and shrugged, "I no count... good."

The party marched and road up the road... road.  Jay El looked up at Ash, who was sitting and off-handidly staring sternly at things from time to time.  He'd been so kind to Jay El recently, that, Jay El decided to press his luck a little.

"Hey Ash, I was thinking... you have a robe that makes undead, yeah?"

Ash grunted.

"Right, and well, I'm getting really good at controlling undead."

Ash grunted, and stared sternly at a butterfly that was getting suspiciously close to the party.

"And... uhh, (I think that's just a butterfly Ash) I was wondering if, maybe, you would uhh... (seriously, the butterfly isn't going to...)"

"You want my undead?" Ash suddenly enunciated at him, gruffly.

"Uh... yeah."

There was a pause in which Ash could have jumped and speared many a time.  "Fine." he grunted, and tossed them at Jay El.

Jay El nodded in appreciation.  Ash was really warming to him, he could tell.

+2 Zombie Dogs
+2 Skeleton Dogs
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