Dec 21, 2010

Oy, in verse.

Ash blinked.

Med snored.

Raelin frowned into his meditation.

Ash blinked again.  "I think I'm gonna go see what Tribby and Manbeardufus are up to." he grunted.  "Hey, Med.  C'mon."

"zzzzzz (snort) muaAh?  Gwah?  Huh?"

"Shut it, let's go already.  I'm bored."

"mmm... okay.  By slavies." She mumble-purred like a drunk kitten getting out of a pile of other, slightly smellier, clearly more disheveled kittens at the kitty equivalent of a frat party.

", should we just leave Raelin here?" She yawned

"Fuck 'em?" Ash replied in his most reasoning and sympathetic tone.

Med nodded, understandingly.

They tromped through the forest for about two minutes, when Ash suddenly heard a rather large clatter...
and wondered just what, if anything, was the matter.  

Deciding to jump up the tree with care,
he looked down at med and noticed the majority of her chest was bare.  

"Thank Pelor for your cleavage" he thought to himself, 
"those babies could hold snacks just like a shelf."

Tribby ran through the forest, smashing down trees, 
as though panic stricken and fearful of a hive of bees.  

But bees weren't what made Tribby run quite so fast, 
but rather t'were Ogres bearing down upon her mast.  

Six, to be precise, were chasing her so, 
Six of the ogres were what came from Roe.

"Oh Shit!" Med squeeked, climing a tree of her own, 
being less able to leap up on her... own.  

"There's Ogres coming, and they're coming fast!"
Ash laughed to himself and stared at her ass...t?


Anyway, Tribby ran with Jay El palmed like a football, and spotted Ash; to whom she yelled the warning that there were 6 Ogres behind her, but kept running.  Manbearpig road beside them, seeing nobody and saying nothing.

Jay El waited for the Ogres to pass, and jumped down and killed one of them.  The rest scattered in 5 different directions and ran away.

Meanwhile, Shibou was trampling her way back to the quarry, following Thaco.  The elephant ran riiiiiight up to Raelin, who chanced interrupting his meditation to peak out of one, fairly concerned eye... but the duckephant stopped in front of him and snorted.

DM's Note: What's with the Christmassy rhyming all of a sudden? I have no idea where that came from, sorry folks. Secondary note: No, I don't know how Jay El got to Tribby to be carried like a football. One of those "I assumed I went with them" things.

: How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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