Dec 7, 2010

Dew yew unnertand whut eyem taying???

The group looted the splattered remains of the Manticores, and the charred remains of the Gnolls, finding and recovering some spines to be used as thrown weapons, and some large, hardboiled eggs, which they ate.

As they were munching on the remains of Manticore fetus, Raelin found a peculiar scroll case, untouched by the ashen remains of the Gnolls.  "Hm." he grunted, not recognizing any of the arcane symbols upon the case.

Shrugging, he opened the case.  A small, flaming hummingbird shot instantly into the sky, and took off to the North East.  "Hm." he grunted again, and pulled out the scroll from the case and opened it.

"Dots... dots and lines?" he arched his eyebrow quizzically.  "This is no spell... what... what is it?  What is this gibberish?"

Tribby glanced at the scroll.  "Tribby like green and gold."

Raelin grunted a non-commital noise and studied it some more.

Ash looked up into the sky, and back at the two spell casters.  "Sooo..."

Raelin put up his finger in an attempt to silence him the way a father might attempt to instill the skill of patience in a petulant child.  It had no effect.  "Look," Ash continued, "that was totally a signal flare to whoever owns that case."

Everyone stared blankly at Ash.

"I... seriously?  Okay.  Uhh... like a signal.  Y'know... someone owns that scroll, it gets opened, and that thing shoots up into the air to tell the owner, right?"

Jay El stood up from his omelet.  "What are you saying, Ash?"

Ash sighed.  "Look, I'm sure we can take... whoever it is that's coming... but... I don't think any of you understand..."

"Who coming?" Tribby asked.

Ash sighed.  "Nevermind.  Just finish up your omelets.  I'm not hungry, and I want to get moving."

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