Dec 4, 2010

Spider Ash, Spider Ash...

Tribby narrowed her eyes.  It was times like these, where she was happy for her split focus.  Cracking her knuckles, she launched magic missile after magic missile after magic missile into the air.

"BIG FLYING CAT BITCHES COME DOWN SO TRIBBY CAN SMASH!" She yelled, firing her missiles off in perhaps a further tribute to Ash's tip of the hat to many a John Woo movie (though she neglected to jump sideways, and there were no doves)

Jay El took to the skies, and cast wind wall as a ceiling for his party, to avoid any further projectiles.

Ash, used the Hippogriff to get back into range with the manticores, jumped, twisted, threw, and flipped, from one manticore to the next, causing the creatures to shoot each other in the confusion as they were continuously pelted with thrown objects and implausible stabbings.

Med looked at Raelin, who had decided to casually saunter over to her.  "Raelin!  I bless you with the guidance of Pelor!  Make your next strike that of the chosen!"

Raelin shrugged, looked up, and offhandedly shot a ray of frost at one of the manticores.  "Cool."  He glanced up at the minuscule effect, "Thanks." he mumbled, and sauntered back into the mist.

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