Dec 28, 2010

Better than randomly talking to a deer, at least.

Jay El looked back at Ash, but, he'd already moved onwards in his tireless march.  Jay El sighed, and put his armor back on and relaxed into the gentle lolling back and forth of Shibou's upper back.  It was like being rocked to sleep, and, honestly, it made it hard for him to stay fully alert.

Suddenly, a fiery hummingbird, presumably the same as before, shot towards the party from the North East and promptly stopped and hovered next to Raelin like a well trained dog expecting a treat.

Raelin, nonplussed, attempted to communicate.

(D'lar, d'luvian, d'skinnar d'shanty, floovie floove flooi, d'shaaaah...)
"To one who is not I, yet to whom we are all a part of, I greet the light of myself within you." he said, in Sylvan.

No response.

"Hello." he screamed in Draconic

No response.

(Oy, top o' the mornin' to y'then?)
"Well met." he tried, in Elven.

No response.

(How's it goin' eh?)
"I trust you are well?" he attempted, in Common.

No response.

(RREAAAGH!  Gurk gurk!  GRAACK!)
"Do you not seek violence?" he sighed, trying Orc.

No response.

(Eeeeey maaaan, whas' haaaappenin...?)
"State your business." he tried, in Goblin.

No response.

Raelin sighed, and opened the case.  The less than talkative bird immediately flew into the case.

Using his powerful Elven mind, Raelin faced the group and told them of his wise hypothesis.

"It would seem that it went somewhere."

They all nodded.

"And then it came back."

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