Dec 29, 2010

Poopie Maker?

"We're goin' to see da dwaaaarves, we're goin' to see da dwaaaaaarves..." Tribby skipped, singing to herself loudly.

"Hey." Jay El mumbled over at Ash.  "Where'd we get that from again?"


"The scroll thingie that the hummingbird thingie was so interested in."



"The Gnolls."

"Oh right."


"Are there Dwarves anywhere around here?"

"What, like a city?"

"Yeah.  What, Gnolls don't get to have a city?"

"Yeah, they might I guess; I don't think so, though."


"No, most of the Gnolls I've seen have been mercenaries."



"So... the other day, when we were talking..."

Tribby halted the group suddenly, hearing a slight rumbling.


: How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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