Dec 17, 2010

What we have here...

Tribby ran and Manbearpig bounced while Gluestick galloped.  Tribby breathed as she ran "Tribby really would miss Shibou, Shibou is good friend."

Manbearpig nodded silently.  He too, had forged something of a bond with the beast.  He wondered silently to himself if Gluestick had ever felt any pangs of jealousy...

"Plus, Shibou has all our stuff!"

Manbearpig nodded silently.  It was true.  Much of their possessions had been put into Shibou's harnesses from time to time, and the beast's daily burden forgotten.  What must it be like, he wondered, to be such a beast, where size and strength were so ever-present that the weight of hundreds of pounds were meaningless?  He paused, and realized that many a bug would ask the same of Man...

"..." Manbearpig said, saving his voice for later.

Suddenly, Manbearpig had a thought.  He could turn into a bird and cover considerably more distance.  He did so.  Gluestick did the horse equivalent of shrugging, and continued galloping next to Tribby.

"Tribby likes eating Shibou's poo, too.  Tribby thinks its because Shibou is a vegetarian that her poo is better than... than..."  Tribby stopped.  Where had Manbearpig gone?  She stood still and stared into the trees.  Where had he gone?

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