Dec 22, 2010

Low ground with a choke point is good, right?

Tribby ran into the quarry and stomped right next to Raelin, interrupting his meditation again, and flung her arms around Shibou's leg.  "TRIBBY MISS SHIBOU.... TRIBBY MISS YOU SO... oooh, Shibou need new armor..." she finished, noting that the Ogres had removed sizable chunks of the creature's plate mail.

There was a pregnant but aborted pause "So what we do?" Tribby transitioned, "we follow big monster?"

Ash smiled at the Ogre.  Her bloodlust was kinda growing on him.  "We camp."

"We camp?

"We camp."



"We sleep... here?"

"Right here."

"In rock place?"



Jay El put his hand between Ash and Tribby "It's a fairly fortified location" he reasoned.

Tribby shrugged.  She was the dumb one, after all.  "okay." she acquiesced, bedding down in the pit surrounded by rocks/high ground with only one entrance in or out.

DM's note: (Silently, Renee, Tribby's player, screams in protest)

: How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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