Dec 16, 2010

Procrastinated Dialog

Manbearpig, his abdominal muscles cramping from the strain of his previous exclamation, once again, went silent.  The contents and warnings of the dreams were likely unimportant anyway, he reasoned.

He looked over at Ash, who seemed to be talking to some slaves - some of which he recognized from Salsa.  "Rats." Manbearpig thought to himself "those guys just can't catch a break." and, as an afterthought "is Ash completely devoid of any and all body hair, and wearing a pink helm?"

"...and yeah, we were okay for about two hours after you left, and then these big friggin' tree things..."

"(treants)" Ash interrupted.

"...treants, right, they just started rounding us up.  They gave some of us to the Roe Ogres, and took others with them."

"To eat." Ash put in

"Probably, I... I never really thought... oh my god, my wife... my poor..."

"Anyway, then what happened?" Ash prompted.

"...I... well... I guess, (sniff) I guess after that, we've been working... we've been working for the Ogres, and then... well, they sold some of us to the Goblins...  (my god, my poor wife)"

"Go on." Ash pushed.

"right, right -sorry.  And, well, we've been making the Goblin's stronghold, and mining rocks for them ever since."

"What have the Goblins been purchasing from the Ogres, and what are they building?"

"Oh, they bought a delver today... I think they'd bought three or four before that, as well... as for what we've been building, its kind of like a new addition to their existing stronghold.  Making it bigger."


"I don't know.  Probably because there's so damn many of them, they probably just need the space."

"Why the delvers?"

"Probably to help with the renovations.  The majority of their stronghold is rock - delvers shape rock, right?"

One of the other slaves pointed his hand up like he had something to add.
"Go ahead" Ash pointed at him.

"They also have been trying to buy some frost worms."


"I don't know.  I don't actually know what they are.  Some kind of dragon, I'm guessing."

Ash nodded.  Interesting.

Manbearpig realized he was looking at the conversation like a lovesick teen looking at a sparkley vampire.  He wanted to have conversations, he wanted to have expository dialog.  He wanted to really connect with people...

Tribby ran up to Manbearpig.  "Manbearpig!  Duckephant run away, you come help find!"

Manbearpig nodded, and mounted gluestick, silently goading the mount in the direction Tribby was headed.  Silently wondering if it would be a good idea to share his dreams with the group, but discounting those as silly, silly thoughts.

DM's NOTE: Seriously?  "Aaauugh?"  That's your summary of the whole nightmarish vision?  "Aaaaugh?"

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