Dec 23, 2010

Oh right, the Ogres.

They didn't sleep long.

While nestled safely within the large pit with a choke point as an entrance, surrounded by slaves, and the corpses of people who were expected home hours ago ($15,000 richer, mind you - so less likely to be forgotten), the unthinkable happened.  The Ogres, who lived about an hour away, went to investigate.

The party, who had opted to borderline use the corpses of the fallen Ogres as mattresses in the very quarry that was to be the staging ground for the Ogre/Goblin exchange of goods, was very surprised to discover that they were surrounded by a rather angry collection of Ogres, who, again, unthinkably, were concerned as to the location of their money, as well as the condition of their fallen allies littered about the area.

Ash, who hadn't been sleeping, was the first to note that there was an Ogre at the entrance of the quarry.

"YOU..." said the Ogre, as Ash launched himself into the air, spear-first.  "...HAVE..." he manged to say, before Ash's spear sunk into the Ogre's throat.  (the next word was somewhat muffled as a result of the damage to the Ogre's speaking apparatus)

The rest of the party awoke with a fright.  Jay El, most surprised that any fools would attack such a well fortified position, began a prayer just as a huge boulder landed on him, squishing him quite flat.

It seemed that the well fortified position had a few small flaws.  The Ogres had the high ground, and were concealed, and the party had only one way out.

Raelin noted the flattened Cleric's twitching hand and turned invisible.  Another huge rock landed right next to him.  He took a step to the left and hugged the rock.  "At least this way, the next rock'll probably hit this boulder instead of me..." he silently reasoned to himself.

Tribby cast mirror image.  It wouldn't help much for the boulders, who, as near as anybody could tell, were simply being thrown in blind like well placed artillery, but, it would help her when she decided to leave the pit and attack.  (though, to be honest, she wasn't too thrilled about that option, either)

Med reached down and attempted to heal Jay El, but, the fact that he was two dimensional made it difficult.  Tribby reached down and helped heave the boulder off of his corpse; at which point Med's healing was considerably more effective.

Tribby had a thought, and pulled out her wand of greater illusion.  "Bibbidy bobbidy squiggley spooch!  Make a ginormous bullet monster shoot out of the ground and scare everyone!" she rhymed.  

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