Dec 30, 2010

What we have here...

Everyone stopped.  They too, heard, and indeed, even began to feel, the ominous rumbling.

Manbearpig thought silently to himself that it could be some kind of beast - perhaps a worm based on the steadiness of the rumbling.  Raelin was more inclined to think that it was some form of huge chariot.  Tribby came to the conclusion that it was likely not-tummy.

"Thaco." Tribby announced, reminding everyone that she had a familiar, "Go up and look."  Thaco blinked, looked at Tribby, and took off to the skies.

What Thaco saw was a little more that she(?) was able to communicate fully, but her birdbrain did its best.  "Burning... Death... Large... Wood." she(?) described, circling and then returning.  "Coming closer!"

Tribby relayed the bird's thoughts to the group.

"Maybe the forest is on fire?" Jay El put fourth.

Manbearpig thought that this was unlikely, as the cadence of the rumbling lacked the cadence of stampeding animals - however, he felt that it was best for Jay El to learn these things on his own.

Still, he silently reasoned to himself, it would probably be a good idea for the group to find out what it was.

Ash looked pointedly at Manbearpig "Go turn into a bird and give us better recon than Tribby's retarded bird."

Manbearpig nodded and did so.

Below him was a myriad of horrors, vast and terrifying.  Chief among the terrors was the 50 foot across undead scorpion, who appeared to have a giant, glistening skeleton (possibly metallic?) atop it, with multiple arms, and... it was on fire (and seemed to be okay with that).  Beyond that, there were huge...  Manbearpig struggled with what to call them, and ended up with wooden chariots the size of houses, with many, many goblins atop them.  Indeed, surrounding the group of mobile barracks and the fiery undead doom, there were hundreds and hundreds of goblins, and, what appeared to be hobgoblins as well.

Manbearpig returned to the group, and cleared his throat.

"I've had a big realization."

The group looked at Manbearpig expectantly.

"Huge scorpion, with a huge skeleton on top of it."

They looked at him some more.

"Its very bad."

He paused for effect, and, noting that they seemed to want a more elaborite description of everything, added "its very evil."

Ash looked at him, and sighed "What about the wood?"

"There's..." he paused "...a big carriage with many goblins on it."

Raelin decided to get some dialog in "Manbearpig, would you suggest we fight it?"

Jay El, who had been doing his best to listen to the cornucopia of vibrant descriptions coming from the twin recon team, added his own two bits "There's a scorpion?"

Manbearpig looked at him and squinted.

"How big of a scorpion?  Is the skeleton riding it?" Ash prompted

"THERE'S A SKELETON!?" Jay El squeaked

Manbearpig blinked

"What is it?" Med asked

"Should we light it on fire?" Raelin asked

Manbearpig waited for the questions to subside.  "'s... already on fire."

"WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT!?  WHAT'S ON FIRE!?" Jay El finished, totally exasperated.

Ash grunted, "How would you suggest we fight it?"

Raelin put in his two coppers "psh, how about get the hell out of the way and continue along our way?  How's that sound as a battle strategy?"

"What?  It's only one friggen' scorpion and a skeleton who is already on fire!  That's something Med could kill by herself!"
"No, there was wood!"
"ooOooh WOOoOOD, I'm sooOoo scared!"
"There were some goblins, too!"
"Oh yeah, because we've never been able to kill Goblins before."
"on a carrage!"
"A big carriage, he said a BIG carriage!"
"with little goblins!"
(this went on for a bit, and eventually...)
"but... player knowledge knows that what we're talking about is considerably more terrifying than what Manbearpig told us about!"
"too bad!  I'm fearless anyway, so I'm still going to say we fight it!"
"Fine then, you fight it!  I say we stick with Raelin's plan of hiding!"

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