Dec 13, 2010

Ultimate Joan of Arc

Tribby and Ash returned to the party and informed them of what they'd learned.  Med stood up straight and perky, and announced "WE MUST FREE THE SLAVES!"

The heterosexual males nodded in agreement.  Those unattracted to the female form, listened and agreed with what she said.

As they all huddled together, some to listen closely, others to see down people's tunics, a battle strategy was drawn up, primarily by Ash.

Raelin's Rat, *UNNAMED*, would scout ahead and describe the environment/number of targets, at which point the more sturdy of the group (Ash, Tribby & Shibou) would do the frontal assault, while the rest did a flanking attack.

Raelin's rat described the scene (mostly due to a miss-understanding of some rules by the DM) in explicit detail, and it was basically a 200' wide hole with large rocks around it; likely a quarry.  Inside, there were human slaves mining the rocks, and bugbear slavers.  On the outside of the hole, there were an obscene amount of Goblins trading with a sizable group of Ogres.  It seemed that the trade going on currently, was for a rather large, rocky creature which nobody in the group could easily identify through the rat's descriptions.

The group managed to convince Ash that it would be a bad idea for him to take on everything by himself, and to stick with the battle plan - with one small adjustment.  They would wait for the deal to close, and for the Goblins to leave; greatly reducing the threat level of the encounter.

Begrudgingly, Ash agreed to his own plan, and, they set about carrying out on their assault.

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