Dec 8, 2010

I cast magic missile at the silence

The party continued its way towards the Dwarves, the snowfall was getting thicker, but, the well informed and observant party had thought ahead and brought the appropriate garments, supplies, and were completely, totally aware that it was snowing, and, had been, for some time now.

DM's NOTE:  I might have neglected to mention the snow to the party when we were playing.

Tribby sniffed the brisk air, and perked up her ears.  "Something..."

The group paused and looked at her expectantly, while readying their respective tools of battle.

"...not... good."

Ash whispered to her "where?"

Tribby paused and pointed.  "Forest not making right sounds...  many places too... not birds... That way closest."

Ash smiled.  "Well, let's go kill it, shall we?" and bounded off in the direction Tribby had pointed.  Tribby smiled "Okay!"

The rest of the party opted to stay with the duckephant, who couldn't venture into the thicker parts of the forest.

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