Dec 18, 2010

Actually, there are plenty of ways that one could...

Manbearpig soared in falcon form, looking at the Ogre city below.  How decimated Roe had become.  Once a teeming city of thousands, now... well, actually, it was still a teeming city of thousands.  It just... wasn't as sanitary or friendly.  He continued his perimeter of the city, and looked at one of the gates.  Shibou was there, at the gates, surrounded by 6 Ogres who seemed to be stripping her not unlike a carriage left in some of the slummier parts of towns he'd frequented in his day.  It seemed most of their gear had already been pilfered from her saddlebags, and they were now working on removing Shibou's armor itself.

Thankfully, Shibou seemed unharmed.  They even appeared to be feeding her.

"Well" Manbearpig silently reasoned to himself "Looks like Shibou is un-savable, but, at least she's being well taken care of."

Content with his observations, Manbearpig flew back to the quarry from which he'd left.

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