Dec 11, 2010

Inner monologue

Raelin stared intently at the "scroll" they'd found earlier, pretending to study it.  In fact, he just wanted an excuse not to be interrupted by the idiots he'd chosen as accomplices.

What was he to do, now?  He doubted he could kill the entire group of idiots safely, and, even if he could, getting to the Dwarves un-escorted would be incredibly unlikely.

Once he arrived at the Dwarves, he could conceivabley liquidate his guardians and replenish at the Dwarven city, but, how to kill Ash, in particular, without damaging the Prism?

And what of Jay El's compass?  Surely it deserved at least moderate investigation... what if it really DID point to other objects of insane power?  Was it not his duty as an evil bastard to investigate?

How many of the party could he kill, and still arrive safely, and yet still accompany Jay El without arousing his suspicion, AND without damaging the Prism?

"It's like no scroll I've ever seen..." he mused aloud, as Med approached with the body posture of upcoming interruption.

Raelin smiled as she did the polite thing and left him alone.  Then, there was the issue of hiding the bodies, or disguising the way in which they'd died...

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