Dec 26, 2010

From Cousin It to Powder in one second.

The group settled down for the night.  Jay El nuzzled into the rotting flesh of his new faithful hounds, Tribby wadded up a bit of Shibou-dung for a midnight snack, and Ash stood, ever vigilant.

He paused, had he slept in the last several days?  He certainly hadn't felt fatigued...  he smiled.  Must be a side effect of being so awesome.

Today, his vigilance had a slight tinge of menace to it.  He waited, patiently, until the teltale sounds of Tribby's snores erupted into the silence of the night, and then moved with purpose, tip toeing into her tent.

Ash cursed silently to himself.  He'd just pulled a muscle in his face and split his lip from doing an exercise he rarely found the time to do.  He was grinning ear to ear and stifling a giggle.

Ash quickly put the helm upon Tribby's head, and heard an audible FOOF as her predominant hair was suddenly, irrevocably and permanently shed.  Ash allowed a small giggle to escape his lips, which caused the Ogre to stir.  Panicking, he quickly grabbed his pink helm and took off in search of some soap to clean it with.

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