Dec 19, 2010


Tribby snapped out of her daze, almost as if there was an exterior entity who had been controlling her the majority of the time, but that entity had gone out for sushi and left the Ogre more mindless than usual for a period of time.

Regardless, she was back.

"Where...   TRIBBY GOING BACK TO ROCK-PLACE!" She announced.  Gluestick, who had been licking her face with a worried look upon... her(?) face (is gluestick a guy or a girl?) nodded in agreement, and accompanied her back to the quarry.

Manbearpig took a deep breath and prepared to do more talking.  "They already found our duckephant." he said.  Jay El, who was used to keeping his ears piqued for the soft spoken druid, gave him some recognition and encouraged him to continue.

"They're taking care of it.  There's lots of Ogres." Manbearpig finished with a sigh of relief.

"Did you talk to Shibou?" Jay El prompted.

Manbearpig squinted at Jay El and shook his head no.  Jay El made the "elaborate" motion, and Manbearpig squinted anew.  "Can't talk when I'm a bird." he elaborated.

Tribby, who had just arrived, announced loudly "TRIBBY MISS SHIBOU!"

Ash decided to defend Manbearpig's apparent decision "What do you want to do, save the duckephant and get killed in the process?"

Jay El suddenly had a thought.  "Hey... I just remembered... remember Shitanya?  What ever happened to her?"

Without missing a beat at the apparently random segue, Ash voiced his most heartfelt opinions on the matter, bearing his soul of any and all feeling that he had on the subject "Meh." he replied, succinctly.  "So, do we want to leave then?  We could go kill the delver.   What do you guys think?"

Manbearpig sighed.  He really didn't want to speak again so soon.  He feared his vocal chords would likely suffer like a drunk girl at kareoke, but, he had to.  "I have a question." Manbearpig said.  "What are we doing?"

Jay El paused, and realized that Manbearpig had been asleep in his trance for some time now.  "Oh.  Well, we killed a bunch of innocent things."

Manbearpig nodded "I was there for that."

Jay El paused, considered, and then continued "Oh yeah.  Well, then we fought some Manticores."

Raelin piped up "Then we found a bunch of slaves, these idiots insisted on saving them, and then we killed a bunch of Ogres."

Manbearpig nodded.  Their update was detail ridden and accurate enough for him.

Jay El paused and then brought up a very good question.  "Hey.  How could we save the duckephant?"

Everybody paused.  It was a really good question which, somehow, they had all collectively overlooked.  Ash sighed, "We could cast a whisper spell on a bird and yell 'duckephant duckephant come to me!' or something along those lines."

Jay El paused "Yeah.  That might work."

Med paused.  "So... it isn't impossible?"

Ash grunted "No.  Seems pretty easy to me, actually."

"...well... good then."
"Sure.  Great."

Everyone paused.

"Let's go do that, then."

Med nodded.  "I'm going to go sleep with the slaves."

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