Dec 2, 2010

Oh, it gets more ridiculous.

Med cast obscuring mist, shielding the party from the manticores, whose spines shot into the mist randomly.  "Scatter!" Med yelled, taking off East from the epicenter.

Tribby decided to cast her mirror image upon herself, and headed South.

Ash jumped up onto the Duckephant and crouched, waiting for his moment to do something ridiculous.

Jay El ran off to the East with Med, and prayed for guidance.  

Raelin stayed in the center and considered his options.

The ground was again, peppered with an ineffective spattering of spines.

Ash yelled to Jay El "NEED A BOOST!"

Jay El nodded, noted the mist, and yelled "Roger!  Up high, allez-oop!" and summoned a flying Hippogriff, which launched upwards at the manticores.

Ash checked the wind, and the position of the sun, and noted that it was time.  He took a running jump off the Duckephant, onto the back of the summoned hippogriff who was already flying upwards, and, harnessing the momentum of the beast, finished his jump by flying into the air the remaining distance and landed with his spear in the back of one of the manticores, 180' up in the air.

The physics gods complained, but the magic math was sound.

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