Dec 27, 2010

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"YOU!" Tribby came out of the tent, "YOU NO RIDE ON SHIBOU EITHER!" she yelled, pointing at Ash.

Ash attempted an idle grunt but lost it and turned it into a chuckle and half smile, slighlty re-straining his facial muscles.  "Psh!" he finished, "I never get tired and I run faster than you anyway."

Tribby pulled open her breeches and looked down curiously "Somehow... Tribby feel like less of a woman..."

Ash grunted "Don't see how that's possible." and then quickly ducked a ogre-hurled rock.

Jay El, not wishing to see the conflict escalate, quickly stood between the two potential combatants and placed his hands upon them.  "Wow Tribby, you're so..." Jay El stopped himself from saying smooth "justified in your anger, but we have to look at the big picture here!"

Tribby grunted "Tribby look later."

Jay El strained against the two tanks "Wait, wait!  Look, my chest compass is telling us which direction to go!" he lied, "and it says not to kill each other!"

Ash grunted "which way does it say to go, now?"

Jay El sighed, glad that the moment seemed to have passed, "It says to go directly behind where you are, actually - to the East."

Ash grunted.  "Well, we'll wrap things up with the Dwarves and head back there, then."

Jay El smiled.  Ash was in this for the long haul.  What a great friend.


As the party tromped Northwards, Jay El would pause from time to time and remove his armor so as to check his chest-compass for details.  Ash would stop as well, and look at him inquisitively.

"Yes.  It still says to the East." he smiled.  "I don't think its the Goblins, though - the way the compass is positioning, I think it'd be moving more precisely if it were..."

Ash grunted and looked at the arrow.  "Seems fairly stationary though."

Jay El smiled at his interest.  "Yes."

There was a moment where their eyes met.  "Yes it does."

A soft breeze flowed across Ash's hairless skin, causing it to goose bump.  Jay El noted that Ash's skin was moist with the dew of perspiration one tends to acquire from marching, even in the wintertime.

Snow fell all around them softly, and elegantly.

"HEY!" came a sudden yell from one of the slaves who the party had freed and encouraged to follow.  "CAN WE GO?"

Jay El looked away awkwardly from Ash, "that was hella weird..." he thought to himself "Uhh.. yeah?  Sure.  You guys can go."

"Okay!" The slave yelled, then turned to his slavemates  "Hey!  We can go!"

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