Dec 31, 2010

Basically, its very bad.

Eventually, the party agreed that hiding was a good plan, based on the sound of the rumbling indicating a large offensive force, or, at the very least, a freakin' huge something.

The group began deciding on who best to hold (and use) the wand of greater illusion they'd found earlier.

"Tribby have high concentration!" she claimed to the group.
Ash sighed, "that's... constitution."

DM's Note:  (We'll pretend that was great roleplaying.)

The group decided to give the wand to Raelin, who had excellent concentration (but, for the record, low constitution), and he crafted an illusionary forest around them, off the path - the theory being that this would look like any other forest, and would give whatever-it-was-that-was-coming no reason to investigate it.

As a precaution, they blindfolded the duckephant.

DM's note: I was very tempted on pointing out the vastness of player knowledge they were using when they decided to this - as they had never even once considered blindfolding one of their party before a previous battle, but, I thought to myself - "you might want to blindfold the duckephant, y'know, like you did the last time you came across a chariot, or a scorpion", might prove to be funny in the future.

The terrifying thing approached.  The group saw as a cohesive unit for the first time, exactly what Thaco and Manbearpig had done their best to describe.

T'was a monstrous creation.  A gigantic undead scorpion, fused to the hips of a gigantic undead humanoid, with multiple sets of arms.  The skeleton itself seemed to be permanently on fire.  And, while terrifying, the fact that he had a rather large, wooden sign that said "put dragon head here" on the scorpion's tail was... out of place.

Beside him on all sides were huge, rumbling chariots that seemed equipped with a variety of advanced weaponry, and many, many goblins who were operating the foul smelling machines.  Black smoke billowed out from their tops like an angry, slumbering dragon's fog.

Surrounding them were hundreds and hundreds of goblins, and hobgoblins; all of which, appeared to be searching for something.

The huge skeleton, screamed in its terrifying voice "FIND IT!"

Every single one of our band of heroes with exception of Ash  and Raelin, peed themselves and ran.

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