Oct 31, 2010

I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time...

Raelin arrived and knelt before the Elven King.  "What is thy bidding, my King?" he prompted, mostly to remind the old coot that he'd been summoned at all.

"Ah yes.  Raelin.  Good of you to come my boy." he gasped, showing his that-guy-in-hogwarts-ish age.  "As one of my more trusted aids, I have a sensitive communication for you to deliver to the Dwarven King."

"The Dwarves?" Raelin thought to himself, "The last time the King had sent any sort of communication to them had been over a century... what would prompt such action now?"

"Choose who you wish to accompany you," the King continued, "I shall be bequeathing you 10,000 gold for the mission.  This should be more than enough to compensate you for your troubles, as well as provide you with adequate protection and supplies, yes?"

Raelin paused at the rhetorical question, before the King continued.

"I shall pride discretion and safety on this mission moreso than timeliness, though I would expect you to leave within the next few days, assuming you have any affairs to put into order."

Raelin began to rise, but then the King continued, and he got caught in one of those awkward half-squats and silently cursed himself a fool for not anticipating a long, drawn out kingly diatribe.

"In addition to the communique, it would also be prudent to meet with a few of their delegates, or, at least what Dwarves pass off as delegates anyway..."

Raelin, his legs cramping and his patience thinning, quickly inserted his own line of dialog.  "Of course, my King.  It shall be done with the utmost prudence and discretion.  I have little to prepare beforehand, and will leave as soon as I have assembled my team."

"Hm?  Oh.  Yes, yes... very good then.  I suppose you should be off then..." The King's speech faded out as Raelin was already plotting.  As his steps echoed throughout the hallway, the gears of his mind were already turning.  This could very well be the exact type of mission that he'd been waiting for...

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