Oct 23, 2010

Just Like Homer. Dumber every season.

Manbearpig realized the foolishness of his actions and stopped.  "This is getting me nowhere..." he thought to himself quietly.

"TRIBBY HELP STAB?" Tribby exclaimed to the newly awoken Manbearpig.

He shrugged.  It seemed like a good idea.

They smiled, Tribby stabbed Manbearpig.  They smiled, Manbearpig stabbed Manbearpig.

If this was facebook, they'd both have just clicked the "like" button on "Stabbing Manbearpig".  But, unlike the popular social networking site, this was causing larger and larger amounts of knife damage to be done to the poor druid's torso.

Jay El groaned and opened his eyes.  "Uhhh..." he uhh-ed, seeing the two gleefully stabbing away.  "I think I'm hallucinating..." he sighed, noting the pain in his shoulder.

"TRIBBY HELP!  TRIBBY HELP!" Tribby yelled, pointing to the various stab wounds.  

"...or... maybe not." he sighed, and surveyed the situation.  Being of a medical background, his analysis was slightly more in depth than Tribby's had been.

"Yes.  It seems we have a parasite inside us.  Likely delivered by the small, semi-inflamed bite marks we all share... in contrast, the larger creatures, ie, the Duckephant and our mounts, seem to have been stung by large, barbed stingers..."

Manbearpig silently concurred.  And thought to himself that it was very likely a strain of red ants and giant wasps which put their young directly into their prey, which, presumably, ate themselves out of their hosts.

"Sadly, it seems Tribby's method of help was not altogether misguided."

Manbearpig, who had an affinity with animals, patted her on the ear and said "You did well."

Tribby sighed and smiled, nuzzling for a scratch behind her ears.

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