Oct 15, 2010

Yay for non-bifurcated story-lines!

Manbearpig burst through the secret opening in the main throne room, much to the delight of Tribby, who, in a positively Chewbaccian moment, roared, ran up, and hugged Manbearpig in a sing-song-moaning of joy.

Manbearpig did his best to suppress his gag reflex from the smell, and smiled.  "I'm all right pal, I'm all right." he stammered, doing his best not to look like he was pushing her away and gasping.  "...I'm chasin' something invisible, can you hear it girl?  Can you?"

Tribby paused, and perked up her ears.  Not only did she hear her prey, but she smelled it too.  She pointed and yelled "There!"

With an impressive amount of reflexes, Jay El tossed his caltrops in the direction of the point, while simultaneousness, Ash threw his bag of sneezing and coughing.

It should be noted, that, at this point, the group had yet to identify what the bag of orange dust WAS, and, it was very, very tempting to make it some kind of "super-enlarge-and-empower-dust"... but I resisted.

The King yelped in pain, then began coughing and, well, sneezing, as the entire room filled with the magical equivalent of tear gas.  Shortly thereafter, EVERYONE started coughing, sneezing, retching, and otherwise making mucus-related decisions.

Tribby grabbed the invisible, coughing Kobold while everyone recovered from the Ash-gas and, while everyone was waiting, he eventually turned visible, and looked decidedly Kingly.

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