Oct 15, 2010


The group interrogated the King for a bit, and, after much discussion, delayed introductions, explanations, and cautious allowances, Manbearpig's creepy associate latched onto the King and read his mind, getting the password to a secret vault.

After searching and smashing the room randomly, Ash got the idea to speak the password aloud, and, the secret-secret-secret panel opened.

"Banana Carrot Buttered Bagel!" Ash spoke (in Kobold) at the wall, which immediately, and somewhat majestically, slid open to reveal a wall of gems.

Everyone ooo-ed and aaaah-ed at the gems and chatted about their value.

Manbearpig leaned over to Jay El "By the way, I think I'm poisoned." he mentioned.  "Oh, and, I'm missing an eye."

 10 x rubies      $10,000
 10 x amethyst  $1000
 10 x topaz       $5000
  5 x sapphire   $5000
  5 x emerald   $5000

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