Oct 13, 2010

Manbearpig mans up

Manbearpig looked down at his glowing handful, and noted that it had returned once more to its rock-form.

He wondered to himself if he could do the same for Jay El... was there some... magic solution to his predicament?  Was his predicament anything other than his own mental evolution?  Who was Manbearpig to stand in the way of his friend's evolution?

Manbearpig shook his head, snapped his attention back to the matters at hand, and picked up the beautifully crafted sword, which glinted in his rock's light.  

Who was he?  He was goddamn Manbearpig, that's who.  If it was up to him to save his friend, save the whole damn world, then that was just fine.

He was goddamn Manbearpig.

The sound of small, frantic footfalls assaulted his ears.  He stood, his loincloth blowing in the nonexistent breeze, told his creepy companion to lean against the wall and lurched forward with his shiny new weapon raised towards whatever it was that had slaughtered Kip.  Presumably, this had been the creature's only weapon of consequence, and it was now retreating as the tides had changed.

Focused and fierce, Manbearpig noted the creature's footfalls change
tap tap tap tap TAP.... t-tap-tap-tap tap tap tap...  
Sensing the danger, he too jumped over what was very likely another glue trap.  As he jumped, he noted a small marking upon the tile, and, as he continued his pursuit of the unseen attacker, he easily avoided all the other traps.

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