Oct 3, 2010

Don't get me started on Amn't.

Manbearpig double checked that the hallways were empty.  Though the alarm was still ringing, it seemed that, for the moment, he was alone (minus the smoldering Kobold remains and the cheering Halfling.)  He knelt down and inspected the charred lizards.

"Ah!" Manbearpig ah-ed, finding the keys, as well as another whip, and two morning stars.  "Kobold guards, we hardly knew ye..." he whispered to himself, tipping his twig in respect.  "Now then, let's get you outta there eh, Kip?"

"I'd hug ya but ye still need to be undoin' me chains!" Kip replied as Manbearpig swung open the cell doors.  He hesitated for only a moment.  It had been a while since he'd been hugged by a Halfling.  Coincidently, it has also been approximately the same time since he'd gotten drunk in a Halfling village.

"C'mon!" Manbearpig said, after a very quick unchaining, and even quicker celebratory hug.  "Let's go free some of the others!"

"Aye!" Kip yelled, getting a hold of himself.  "Can I have a weapon?"

"No!" Came Manbearpig's cheerful reply.  "At least..." he looked around mysteriously, "...not yet." and then he winked at a non-existant camera.

Kip ran after Manbearpig, "Hey, something I've been thinking about, y'know, while sitting in the dark for months... I mean, why doesn't wink have a better past-tense form?  Winked is still very present tense sounding to me...  I mean, say... puff puff, say someone was... yikes, really out of shape after 3 months of sitting... I mean, say someone was standing there, y'know, like in story, or something, and he winks at the reader, right?  You know the type... If you were describing that action, 'he winked at the reader' just doesn't seem right, does it?"

Manbearpig glanced back at the Halfling.  Clearly he had put his months of solitude to good use.

"Hi." He said to the Goblin girl, who likely was swearing at him even as he opened her cell door and untied her.  Not the nicest of people, but, well, if they were enemies of the Kobold slavers, for now, they were friends.

"I mean, obviously you couldn't say something like 'he wanked at the reader', obviously, that's the sort of reading one needs some free time on their hands for, but, really, I'm serious, I mean, why isn't it Wunk?  Doesn't that sound a little more past-tense to you than winked?"

The Goblin girl yelled something likely even more offensive at Kip.

"Er, she's right." Manbearpig guessed "we should keep the conversation to a minimum until we're out of here."

"Is that what she said then?  Aye, she's a-right 'bout tha', isn't she?  Y'speak Goblin then, do ya?"

"Er... no.  Just what she just said, actually."

Kip smiled.  He had a nose for lies, even white ones.  But, he took the point anyway.  "Aye.  Fair enough."

"Ach!  Is that an escaping party Ah here then?" Gimley laughed into the hallway.

"Yes." Said Manbearpig, freeing him and giving him some weapons.  "Let's escape, shall we?"

"Aye." Gimely grunted, in his thick Dwarvern accent.

"Aye." Kip replied, in his decidedly more melodic Halfling accent.

DM's note:  Switching between a Scottish accent and an Irish accent is challenging.

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