Oct 19, 2010

Wait, so... do I get to roll or anything?

Tribby blinked, as suddenly the darkness was ripped away like a physical object, and the buzzing receded into the distance.

What surrounded her was not a welcome site.  Everyone... it looked like everyone was dead.  She whirled her eyes left and right, even her beloved Duckephant had fallen in the battle.  She ran to him and put her arms around its carcass and gave it a hug of despair, softly lifting and falling against... her...

Tribby opened her eyes, and noted that she was softly rising and falling.  Shibou was breathing!  She was alive!

Tribby took a step back, stepping on Ash's nuts.  No reaction.  She knelt down, placing much of her weight forward and slowly twisted and pivoted in place, examining him.  He was alive too!  She glanced down at her foot.  And thankfully, he seemed to be utterly paralyzed.

Everyone was.

She glanced at her multiple illusionary selves and smiled to herself.  Handy spell, that.  It had likely saved her from the same fate.

But now how was she to un-paralyze her friends?  And why had the attackers left so abruptly, and left them all alive?

What if they came back?

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