Oct 17, 2010

I'm dreaming of a plus one... spearhead... just like the ones I used to throoow...

The Fab Four and their Duckephant pressed onwards in anticipation towards the Elf City, each dreaming of both the safety it would provide, as well as the plentiful methods and options for them to part with their heavy burden of gold and silver.

For some, their dreams were simple.  Magic boots to make them jump higher, and extra pointy things with which to stab.  For others, magic helms, shields, and armors glistened in their minds eye.  Others still thought more of their companions' accessories than their own.

And for some, the potential option to return to their original form was both tantalizing, and terrifying.

"Do I... want to be a half-elf again?" Tribby thought to herself as she trundled in front of her Duckephant, leading it with a silken rope.  "Or heck, even a full-elf?"

As her proverbial book slowly began to resemble her cover, Tribby was beginning to feel more and more at home within the seemingly indestructible form of an Ogre.  What better vehicle was there for her to save the world?  Surely her fragile half-elf form would seem utterly feeble in comparison...

Still, as she felt her mind continuing to deteriorate, and her strange, guttural cravings to increase, she wondered... what would she do, when she got to the Elf City?  Surely they would have the ability to help her... she was a horse being led to the water, alright...

But would she drink?

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