Oct 6, 2010

Burn Kobolds Burn

Tribby trundled towards the rightmost thick corner collection of Kobolds on the Eastern side of the room, whose spears were ineffectively clattering against various forms of armor, walls, and hides while doing little else.  Tribby launched yet another large cone of fire towards them, searing them horribly and evicting the type of scream on can only really hear from a 4' bipedal lizard being burned by magical flames.

Meanwhile, an equally ineffective group of javelin-equipped lizards were attacking Jay El equally as ineffectively.

Tribby's bird, Thaco, had a moment of success as it soared up and slashed the throats of the roof-Kobolds.  (most unexpected) and, as it died, everyone in the room took a brief moment to calculate the damage that 7 flasks of exploding napalm would do to what it landed on.

Being fairly good at math, Ash jumped out of the way and attacked the group on the right, leaving the group on the left to their fiery doom.

(all 'n all, fire killed about 90% of the people in this room, in one form or another)

Wanting in on the action, Ash decided to jump straight up, kill a roof-Kobold (most unexpected) and then, in a fairly spectacular feat of Spiderman-physics, back-flipped off him, landing just out of range of the resulting firebomb... which landed on the remaining group of Kobolds below.

The group collectively dusted off their hands and smiled.  "Well," Jay El smiled, "That was cool."

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