Oct 10, 2010

Kobold Nipples

"Where's the King!?" Jay El prompted.  "He's our ticket outta here!"

Tribby sniffed the air and listened, but found nothing.  The group sighed, and did a thorough search of the area, in an effort to find either the King, or, his escape route.

However, they got rather distracted when they found his treasure room.

Upon initial inspection, it was a modest treasure room... for a king.  There was three rather tasteful paintings of nude and semi-nude Kobolds in various Victorian poses; as well as a marble sculpture of a naked Kobold (oddly, with rubies for nipples... as Kobolds do not have nipples)

Behind one of the paintings, was a safe.  "Neat!" Tribby remarked, remembering an illusion her village's story teller would craft for them involving a talking dog and his wacky pals who would solve mysteries.

While the group discussed various methods of opening the safe (okay, they just started smashing it) they also found some interesting items in a small, storage offshoot of the room.

 Quaal's feather token, anchor
 Universal solvent
 black dust.  (10 sprinkles, reforms destroyed black onyx gem).
 Quaal's feather token, swan boat
 Dust of dryness
 2xImmovable rods
 intricate carpet
 Hide from undead (potion)
 Jump (potion) 

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