Oct 9, 2010

Jiminy Cricket, World-Saver.

Finishing their freeing of the rather embarrassed Halfling, the group continued down the secret hallway.  This time, Kip found several traps with ease, proving that, perhaps, he was telling the truth as to the rarity of him failing to do so.

Having trap spotting delegated for the time being, Manbearpig found his thoughts begin to wander.  He wasn't sure he liked this mission.  Sure, saving the world was all well and good, but, why him?  Why now?  It all felt so... big.  It made him feel very... very small.  And what was happening to Jay El?  He seemed so... dark, lately.  A shadow of his former self.

This had all started with the perception of a demon infestation, or at least some kind of poisoning or cursing... and now... now what was he doing?  Was it Manbearpig's job to be Jay El's conscience?  Was that the higher purpose he was to fulfill in this drama?

He squinted in the darkness.  He couldn't abandon his friend, surely.  He had to help him get back to his family...  and possibly... back to himself.

But then, he also felt dedicated to saving the world, too...  He shook his head.  This was getting him nowhere, for the time being.  Better to focus on the here and now.

Kip exploded.

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