Oct 2, 2010

Breathy Swearing

In a red roverian display of force, the triumphant Trio burst through the King's door and spilled fourth into the throne room.

Tribby was the first to fully understand the scenario before them.  While the entire group clearly saw the plate mailed Kobolds in front of them, and while they all noted that the front row was armed with sword and shield, while the last row was using maces, the rest of the group only barely noticed the two groups of six in the back corners of the room, only Tribby noted the robed Kobolds nestled behind their respective corner-guards, and, only Tribby noted the four Kobolds standing rather non-nonchalant upon the ceiling.

What everyone did note, was the King in the center of the room, who promptly vanished from sight after quickly  imbuing a potion of a presumably magical nature, and, the rather humongous scorpion which suddenly appeared in front of them.

Ash swore under his breath.  He hated fighting magic users.

Tribby swore over her breath.  She loved fighting just about everything.

Jay El swore an oath parallel to his breath, and to his ideals.  He would free the slaves, he would find his companions, he would wreak havoc upon the Kobolds for putting him into this position.

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