Oct 2, 2010

You don't start cooking the turkey after the guests show up

Tribby launched a cone of fire through and over the scorpion, into the waiting pyramid of armored Kobolds, which flinched under the heat of the flames.  Ash thrust his spear from beside Tribby, then, thrust it again from the other side.  The half-melted exoskeleton of the scorpion easily gave way to the punctures, and, screaming in frustration, dropped to the ground.  Jay El looked at Tribby.  "Hey, do you need any healing or anything?"

Tribby looked at him.  "Oh yeah.  I kind of forgot you could do that.  Yes, actually.  I'm borderline mortally wounded from earlier."



"Odd thing to forget."

"Odd thing for YOU to forget not to offer before we broke down this door."

"Touché." He muttered, waving his hands and closing her wounds as Ash flew over their heads in the background yelling present-company-excluded-expletives about sorcerers.

Magic beams of deadly force circled around the Kobolds, over obstacles and into Tribby's fur.  She grunted.  Jay El's heal had come in the nick of time.

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