Oct 24, 2010

Surgery is different from stabbing?

Jay El squinted into the small incision he'd made into Manbearpig's chest and, with a deft motion, skewered the parasite and quickly removed it from his body.  "Ah!" he exclaimed "I've got it!"

Tribby watched, and grumbled to herself that she'd basically done the same thing.

Jay El peered at the tiny, screaming, armored maggot and frowned.  Judging from its mandibles, it was as he feared.  These things were meant to eat, and grow within, their hosts.

Thankfully, judging by its size, it would probably have an incubation period of about 3 months.  That would give them time to move them, at the very least.

Jay El and Manbearpig worked through the night on their patients, while Tribby leaned against her duckephant, Shibou, and sighed.  "No worry.  You be okay." she smiled, patting the creature until she fell asleep.

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