Oct 14, 2010

Hulk hate personal pronouns.

Tribby's formerly elven mind sparked for a moment, reminding her of what it was she was both losing, and becoming.  "Wait a minute...  We're in the King's throne room, and all that's in there is copper?"

She felt around in the vault and found a slight shimmer.  "ooooh secret-secret vault...  How to... how to... open..."  The Ogre-rage overshadowed her thoughts... "Tribby smash!"

Nothing happened except a slight shimmer.  For a moment, the group looked at Tribby.  Would this discourage her rage, or...

"TRIBBY SMAAAASH!" she yelled, thrashing wildly at the shimmer.

Ash shrugged, and helped her smash.

Jay El sighed.  Ever since freeing some of the slaves, he'd felt...  lighter... clearer.  To see his companions resort to savagery... even against an inanimate object...  troubled him.

He smiled.

That was probably a really... really good thing.

Some time passed, and, eventually, Tribby's savagery, and Ash's accuracy gained them access to the secret-secret vault.

Kobold porn spilled out.

Tribby wiped some froth from her mouth.  "It...  what!?  NO!"

Ash put a calming arm on her shoulder, and, using his spear as a makeshift shovel, pulled the porn out onto the floor.  "Kobold on Dragon, Kobold on Elf, Kobold on Kobold, Kobold on... is that a female kobold with a dick?"

The group laughed, but, kept fishing within the porn until...

"Paydirt!" Yelled Ash.

 Kobold porn

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