Oct 5, 2010

Secret Exit!

"heeexxxxxaaat!" The creepy creature gestured to the wall.  "heeexut!"

Manbearpig examined the wall with his hands, and unleashed a truly spectacular grin.  "Check it out." he said, clicking the hidden switch and opening the hidden compartment in the wall.

The group piled in, and Manbearpig looked at the panicking woman one last time and gestured.  "Now or never." he said simply "come with me if you want to live."

The girl looked, turned, heard the tromping of the guards, looked back at him... and took his hand.  Manbearpig immediately pulled her in, and shut the door behind him.  The group waited in hushed silence as the sound of the guards approaching continued.

The group tensed, hearing the guards halt outside the door, and converse amongst themselves.  It seemed the two groups from either side had met somewhere in the middle, each group arguing with the other, saying that the group must have slipped past the other.

They didn't know.  They didn't know about the hidden passage!  The group smiled and gave each other the collective thumbs up, and, quietly, began to traverse this hidden passageway.  It seemed as though they were safe!

Kip gestured that he would lead the way, and, using fairly simple sign language, implied to the group that they should keep their eyes open for danger.

The group nodded.  They weren't out of the woods, yet.

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