Oct 28, 2010

I taught I taw a Manbearpig... I did!

Manbearpig flapped as hard as his little wings could carry him, his little bird-lungs burning with the effort until he could maintain the form no longer.  As he hit the ground running, he cast longstrider upon himself and continued the trek.  His friends were in danger. He could rest when they were dead.

He paused, realized how that hadn't sounded right, and mentally re-phrased it:  He could rest when they were safe.

(Much better.)


The group upon the duckephant continued their arduous trek, stopping only briefly at times - putting as much distance as they could between the hoard of ravenous insects as they could


Manbearpig lost track of days, as they all blended together, fly, run, fly, run, fly, run, rest, wake up with a sense of panic and repeat


The group decided to return to a more leisurely speed.  They'd outraced the hoard, and hadn't been bothered, and rationalized that it made the most sense to be ready for any other surprises that they might encounter along the way.

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