Oct 11, 2010

Shell Shocked

Manbearpig stared aghast as Kip suddenly, and unexpectedly lurched violently forward as his back seemed to simply open up and shoot a sudden spout of fire from an unknown source.

Gimley, who was next in line, yelled a battle cry towards what he clearly felt was a hidden foe, and swung blindly towards it with no luck.  Manbearpig looked around, attempting to comprehend what was happening.  The bird-woman launched herself as well into the fray, with equally inept results towards their invisible attacker.

Manbearpig couldn't believe Kip was dead.  Just like that, with no warning or anything.  Dead.  Just like that.  How had he died?  Was there some kind of cursed tablet inside him, set to go off if he went too far from his cell?

Gimley's cheek erupted in a sudden squirt of blood and fire, and the bird-woman screeched and clawed at the air.

Maybe it was some kind of thing... that Halflings just... did?  Did Halflings just...  Suddenly, the air in front of Gimley and the bird-woman let out an angry bark, and a short sword flung out of the air in front of the group, over Gimley's head, into the wall (causing another eruption of fire) and landed at Manbearpig's feet.

If one had put effort into the logistics and theatrics of this battle, one might have been disappointed at the unfortunate clumsiness of the owner of the sword... but thankfully, there was no deity overseeing the events of these adventurer's lives, and everything was completely random.

(Still, it was a shame.)

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