Oct 4, 2010

Seriously, Mario Jumps Less.

"Death from aboooove!" Ash bellowed, flying down on to another foe, piercing through their robes just like that scene in Star Wars where the robed guy gets whacked - only with a lot more brains and guts splattering all over the place, lizards, and air time Michael Jordon would be envious of.

The Kobolds clambered over Ash in a slough of ineffective stabbings, chittering fearfully to each other as it became increasingly apparent how ineffectual they were against his armor.

Taking his lead from Tribby, Jay El summoned a dark hellhound from the abyss.  Silently, he was grateful that his childhood friend Manbearpig, of whom he had once dazzled with the summonings of butterflies in their youth, was not there to see him spawn such a horror.

He shook his head.  Now wasn't the time.  He directed the hound to burn the phalanx of armored Kobolds.  He smiled.  Soon, they would cook like a furry shelled Rabbobster in boiling water.  But, unlike the rumors that the screams those floppy eared crustaceans emitted when they hit the boiling water, there would be no doubt as to the genuineness, nor the origin of the Kobolds' screams.

Tribby joined him with another goust of flame, and, together, they watched the platoon scream and fry within their own armor.

Jay El caught himself smiling at the thought.  When had he begun to enjoy the suffering of lesser creatures?  A javelin flew over his head as he moved towards the corner group.  When had he started thinking of any species as "lesser", for that matter?

One of the magi cast grease upon his Hellhound, causing it to slip and fall, snapping Jay El from his thoughts.

"Jumping doooooOOooom!" Ash barked, launching across the room and passing Tribby's hawk, Thaco in mid-flight.

Given the amount of time Ash spent in the air, he had plenty of time for introspection.  Had he always been this way?  Why did he feel the need to prove himself so?  Was it growing up on the streets?  The death of his parents?  The ridiculously small "GRREEAAAAAAK!!" he shook his head, distracted by the Kobold's scream and spray of blood.

Jay El looked around the room, seeing the carnage with fresh eyes.  Had he caused this?  Yes, the Kobold king was undoubtably evil, running a slave ring and attacking innocent villages... but were all Kobolds then to be treated thus?  What if partnering up with Bliznark really DID cause the death of the fairy village?  What if all this death and destruction was all his fault?  

A Kobold reared up and attacked Jay El, of whom swiped him to the side with his mace, almost absent mindedly.  What about the nursery upstairs... with all the trampled women and children?  What was the excuse for that?  Was this really who he was, now?  Murderer of the innocent?

"DIE WARMBLOOD!" the nearest Kobold screamed, its tiny eyes filled with hate and evil.

Then again... Jay El pondered, caving in it's skull.  There were probably a few Kobold slavers who were equally as evil as the King.

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