Oct 20, 2010

Trial and error

Tribby gathered up her immidiate friends, and, shoving a few of the expendible slaves aside, piled them next to the duckephant.  Her keen Ogre vision quickly picked up a slithering, tadpole shape underneath her companion's skin.  "Ew." she diagnosed.

She stood up and surveyed the war zone and attempted to do a quick headcount.

"Lessee... we left with 50..." Tribby started counting on her fingers and ran out.  "Uhh... eleventy... six...  damn ogre-brain..."

Eventually, Tribby rationalized that, counting to fifty being entirely beyond her cognitive skill, that a better use of her time would be to attempt surgery upon Manbearpig.

Pulling out her knife, she examined his body, found the approximate location of the parasite, and stabbed Manbearpig in the chest.  "Hmm..." she grunted, stabbing him in the ribs "hmm..." she sighed, stabbing him in the stomach "hmmmm..."

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  1. hahaha, probably should have started with one of the "extras" eh?


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