Oct 8, 2010

Oh. Right.

There was a devilish laugh from above, and the group collectively remembered that there was still a fairly large group of Kobolds on the roof.  It seemed that during the scuffle, many of them had scampered up there, some armed with more Alchemist's Fire than others.

Jay El had a thought.  "HEY!" He heyed, "HEEEY!"

The group looked at him expectantly.

"Dude, check this out:" and, with that, he cast wind wall upon the ceiling, neatly plucking each Kobold from their perches and launching them to their fiery dooms below.

As an afterthought, Jay El realized that Ash was still underneath the soon to be fiery explosions.  "Oop!" he yelled, and commanded his Hell-hound, who was conveniently immune to fire, to push Ash out of the way.

Ash glanced, saw the hell-hound lunge at him, and stabbed it with his spear.  "Stupid dog, what got... into... oh." he finished, getting surprisingly not all that burnt due to blind luck and positioning.

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