Oct 21, 2010

Thank goodness I saved you

Tribby sighed and wiped Manbearpig's blood from her face.  This was getting her nowhere.

She stood up and did her most scientific method of deciding who needed the most immidiate medical attention (other than the recently stabbed Manbearpig) that she knew, and, when she finished with "miney, moe" landing on Jay El, she, taking the time to wipe her knife off on her crap-smeared clothing, (wouldn't want to get Manbearpigblood on Jay El) knelt down and stabbed him in the shoulder.  "Hmmm..." she grunted, having been aiming for his chest.  "Looks like I hit an artery..." she sighed, as blood squirt-squirted out a good 10 feet past her head.

After frowning at the wound for a moment, she came to the conclusion that she would now have to attempt to stop the bleeding before continuing to improve her surgical prowess.

Thankfully, she managed to wrap the wound tightly (but not Ogre-tightly) around his arm nicely, and stopped the bleeding.  She sighed, proud of herself, paused one last time to admire her handiwork, and then stabbed him in the chest.  "Hmmm..."


  1. Why is she covered in crap? Its not like she eats it or rolls around in it. She's just a dumb half elf right now, isn't she? I know the other ogre ate it, but that's like a personal choice. Like, some people like sushi, and some don't.

  2. You might remember bumping into Poonose as well? (with his boat "Shitsmear"? More of a racial thing. You've been an Ogre for a year now, and, it only takes about 4-6 months to fully adapt to a new body, and assume its quirks.

    A deer in a T-rex's body might try to eat plants and be timid at first, but, eventually, its new instincts and dietary choices would prevail.

    If your mind were transported into a chemically imbalanced person's, you might fight the mental sickness at first, but, eventually, you would become (partially) your new host.

    I think you're looking at the Ogre body as driving, verses being.


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