Nov 23, 2010


Killing Stuff
   Thousands of unarmed moguai +1

  Ash & Raelin
   Unarmed high level unarmed moguai druid +25

Role Playing
  Manbearpig +390 {+Flight, +wanting to help, +going to city & +protecting innocent}
  Ash +200 {+Rael conversations, +item holding}
  Tribby +0   {-Emotionless surgery/duckephant portrayal, -lack of sadness for being cast out/beast, -remorseless trampling, +giving in to the Ogre rage/mentality and attacking despite logic}
  Jay El +800 {+Flight, +staying to heal, +diagnosis/inspection/surgery, +logical questions, +anger at Manbearpig, +wanting to find peaceful solutions, +Rael interaction, +Abatu questioning, +Swayability via conversation despite player knowledge}
  Raelin +1,000 {+stayed in character, nuff said}
  Med +1,000 {+stayed in character, nuff said}

 Alignment Modifiers
  Manbearpig +1,000 {+tried to save the Nykter child, +was emotionally torn about what to do with him, -took no action to stop the party from committing genocide upon the rest of them}
  Ash +700   {+acted in basic self defense and self preservation}
  Tribby -2,500 {-gleefully trampled innocent, defenseless creatures multiple times} 
  9 int & alignment to n/n
  Jay El -1,000 {-used mind control against a good creature, -took action which wiped out a peaceful race}
+30% evil
  Raelin +700 {+played characters against themselves well, +created distrust, +took advantage -not skimming off the top from Noble transaction}
  Med 0 {+stayed good through inaction, -allowed evil to happen through inaction}

  +1 piece of the machine!  +1,000 (or, in Raelin's case: 500 for hard part of 1/2 power prism mission)

 Cool things
  Tribby +300 trample scene
  Raelin +50 making it look like an accident
  Manbearpig +25 football-holding, wind-shooting running scene
  Jay El +50 neat double-shot of soundburst via whisper spell

Manbearpig: +2416
Ash: +1925  LEVEL UP!
Tribby: -1199
Jay El: +851
Raelin: +2276
Med: +1001

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