Nov 14, 2010

Mind Control Amendment

"And I wike catching gophers"
"uh huh"
"cause dey're fuzzy"
"but I don't eats dem like some do bekuz I only eats carrots and sumtimes bugs"
"because dey're weally fun to eat because dey wiggle and hewe we awe!" Bacca segued the way only a 4 year old can; pulling Manbearpig into the Shaman's minicave by the hand.

"Hey Mon!" came the relaxed greeting from the Nykterian Shaman.

"Hi." Said Manbearpig, noting the familiar Druidic garments of the Shaman.

Raelin stepped forward, rolling his eyes.  "Yes, this is all delightful.  Where is the prism of power?"

The Shaman looked Raelin up and down.  "The whatnow Mon?"

Raelin narrowed his eyes.  "Don't lie to me you fuzzy little..."

Ash took a step forward and gestured menacingly.  "Give us the prism."

"I don' be 'tinkin' we be givin' you anyting close to da prism boys.  Fo' statahs, dis 'ere elf knows full well dat the prism be belongin' to us for right and right."

"Elves?  What elves?" Raelin attempted.

The Shaman chuckled "We may be dumb, but we ain't stoopid mon.  You be wearin' all kindsa 'tings elven, startin' wit' yo' ears."

Raelin fidgeted.  The Bat would have to die, now.  "What does the Prism do for you, that some form of trade could not?"

The Shaman laughed "You trus' ol' Shaman boy, it be in yo' best int'rest as much as it is ours dat it be stayin' here"

Raelin seethed "That Prism is the property of the Elven people, and you will return it to us or suffer the consequences."

"Ho ho!  You gots dis ahl backwards Mon - you take da Prism, and we all be facin' da consiquences.  You'd destroy ahl da Nyktar people bad for bad, den you gets into ahl kinda trouble bye and bye."

"Are you threatening me?" Raelin stepped forward.

Jay El, seeing where all this was going, stepped past Raelin and towards the Shaman with a phrase of his own, backed with the magic of mind control "Go get the prism of power and give it to us."

The Shaman squinted, but was unable to resist, and got up to go get the prism, but yelled as he did so "Thieves!  They be takin' the prism!"

"...aaand don't talk.  Noted for next time." Jay El sighed and shrugged "live 'n learn"

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