Nov 7, 2010

Sexual Tension

"Hello." said Raelin, as the breathtaking shopkeeper opened her doors.  He'd always had a thing for Pelor nuns - likely due to their unavailability.  "I know the hour is late, and I've seen the signs of closure, but, we had hoped to get some supplies before you did so."

Med smiled.  The Elf seemed kind, and his signet ring indicated he was an advisor to the King.  "Of course.  I feel I should tell you that the shop has been sold, and you are to be my last customers before I leave this town forever."

"Forever, you say?  What would cause such a decision to be made?"

Med smiled, "I am going to be going on a mission." she answered, purposefully vaguely.

"Ah.  I am on one of those myself.  We will be travelling West, if you desire any company."

Med blinked at the proposal.  She hadn't decided on an exact destination, though she'd thought perhaps to the Dwarves for their herbal guidance.

"We'll be taking a somewhat leisurely trip to the Dwarves" Raelin added.

"I... well, that would be actually... great!" Med blushed, quite taken with the sudden turn of events.  Pelor really did provide for those who took action!

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